The Future Services Institute's mission is to advance human services into the 21st century. In our work, we are committed to:

  • Attack institutional racism and other systemic inequality that prevents the current human services system helping all Minnesotans live respectful lives
  • Work across organizations – public and nonprofit – with people who bring their minds and hearts to the work of transforming human services
  • Alleviate the burden, stress, and fatigue in these systems
  • Integrate services across systems, institutions, and agencies, and
  • Act as an incubator, innovator, and influencer to advance Minnesota’s human services sector, with a focus on appropriate and effective service delivery to people in need.



Our logo reflects our bold ambition via the abstract depiction of a ray of light and as a series of stepping stones towards a stronger future. 

Our tagline ‘Bolstering Innovation and Effective Implementation’ captures the heart of the work we do.


We partner with state agencies, counties, tribal nations, community organizations, non-profits, and foundations, among others, because we believe that the work we do will require all hands on deck. Broadly, our work falls into the categories of innovation-driven projects, leadership development programs, and evaluation and research efforts. To learn more about the various endeavors we are involved in, check out our What We Do section.

We bring the brightest minds together to work with you and your organization: come meet our team.

We have a strong Advisory Council that provides us strategic counsel on the work we do: come meet our Advisory Council.