In early 2017, the Future Services Institute (FSI) began development of a comprehensive assessment tool designed to document baseline conditions and change for families seeking support from publicly-funded health and human services programs. The tool is intended to be used by local governments and service providing organizations that are working towards integrating services and addressing the needs of families in a holistic way. For this tool, Olmsted County will be the lead pilot site, with others to join in the subsequent phases. 

To begin development of the assessment tool, FSI convened experts from leading health and human service organizations to share their insights into developing and deploying assessment tools. They shared what they learned from the existing assessment tools out there, too. 

From the feedback gathered, FSI staff developed a prototype of this tool in May. The draft tool uses a 5-item response structure to assess well being and functioning in 20 domains, including income, employment, health, child wellbeing, and social support. In the coming weeks, staff will be soliciting feedback from clients, front-line staff, and measurement experts in order to revise the tool in preparation for piloting it in June.