Harvest from the day

On Jan. 31 more than 250 people with diverse perspectives gathered for an engaging day to learn, connect, and explore important issues during the Case Management Redesign workshop. Your interest, commitment, and participation in this effort is appreciated. A summary document containing photos and highlights from that day is now available at http://z.umn.edu/cmredesignwksp

Thank you to all those who called topics for discussion that afternoon. You created an agenda with depth and breadth. You hosted meaningful conversations and ensured insights and next steps were documented. All your reports have been compiled into a Book of Reports available at http://z.umn.edu/cmredesignreports

May these two tangible take aways - the Summary and Book of Reports - be catalysts to continue conversations and spark action.

MN DHS is continuously looking for feedback and input. Please send an email to dhs.cmredesign@state.mn.us if you wish to stay engaged in this effort.


How can we provide a space for all to bring their best selves to improving case management for Minnesotans?

We believe in bringing the best minds and hearts together to shape the future of case management in Minnesota. 

The Minnesota legislature directed the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) to redesign Medical Assistance-funded case management to increase consumer choice, specify and standardize the delivery of services, improve quality and accountability, and streamline funding arrangements.  Partners and stakeholders have been working with DHS for many years to address these issues, but have not yet succeeded in laying out a unified vision and collaborative redesign plan.  

To support the development of a unified vision and collaborative redesign plan work has been done to summarize results from previous planning efforts and gather feedback from partners and stakeholders on their vision and goals for case management services. Participants will have an opportunity to review this work and provide additional feedback.

As partners in the effort, FSI believes in multiple avenues for feedback and engagement in such important work. This January 31st convening will be one of the various opportunities. Come together with others who are passionate about case management to create this future together.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone involved in case management has a role and place in setting a course for redesigning case management. This event is focused on engaging people with lived experience.  People who have or are receiving case management services, family and caregivers, people who deliver or supervise the delivery of case management services, and our county and tribal partners.

This event is intended to provide a space to exchange shared knowledge to help better understand the topic, while also fostering an environment to take charge of the complex issues and forge a path forward by allowing them to identify and dive deeper into what matters most to them. 

Whether you are a case manager or a person receiving services, affiliated with the counties or tribes, this workshop is designed for you!


What's On the Schedule?

This full day event will begin with gathering over morning refreshments followed by welcoming remarks from a guest speaker and a panel discussion featuring individuals with lived experience of case management. The rest of the morning will be a time for you to connect with other attendees through small group conversations to share your stories, ideas, and questions related to case management. Lunch will be provided for you. In the afternoon, all attendees will self-organize around topics of conversation they care about and conversations they can contribute to and learn more about. Individuals may call topics of conversations and/or participate in conversations that are called by other attendees and move between those conversations throughout the afternoon. We'll close the afternoon by reflecting on our experience that day and sharing next steps.

Click on image to open/download.

Click on image to open/download.

How to Prepare?

For context, we will refer to the background document (click to download) that provides a brief overview of Medicaid-funded case management in Minnesota, summarizes recommendations from several recent legislative reports and sets us up for the next phase of case management planning, including draft vision and principles to guide the work. MN DHS will also host a webinar on January 26th, from 1 - 2 pm, for participants who want to learn more about this document before the day of the event. Its details will go out in your Welcome Letter - please check your email for this. Additionally, for the visually inclined, a sketchnote version of the information will be created and posted on the website (to be made available soon)

Additionally, click here (link goes out to MN DHS' website) to read some of the vision articulated by several stakeholder groups on what they would like to see as part of the future of case management redesign in Minnesota.)



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