We want our county leaders to be inclusive and equitable in the important work they do.

The Equity Works Leadership Institute: MACSSA (EWLI:MACSSA) program fosters adaptive leaders who lead inclusively and equitably in county government. This is a leadership program tailored for members of the Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators.

What is Equity Works Leadership Institute?

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We seek individuals committed to equity in county government! The process of actively making change within institutions and systems must take into account the unique attributes of the leader, the complexity of the system and the culture of organizations and communities.

Program Logistics

EWLI: MACSSA is an equity-based leadership cohort program that is tailored for MACSSA members. The cohort will convene in St. Paul over five sessions following monthly MACSSA meetings in March, April, May, June, July of 2020.

The registration fee of $400 will be handled by the Future Services Institute and is due on March 1, 2020. Payment details forthcoming upon acceptance into EWLI MACSSA.

Program Dates & Session Times

Session 1 - 3/24/2020 & 3/25/2020, Session 2 - 4/21/2019, Session 3 - 5/19/2020, Session 4 - 6/16/2020; Session 5 - 7/14/2020 & 7/15/2020;

Day 1: noon-4 pm, Day 2: 8 am - 4 pm

Program Objectives

  • Foster courageous leadership for inclusive and equitable systems change in human services.

  • Gain skills and knowledge to apply existing diversity policies into inclusive and equitable practices.

  • Examine social identities (power, privilege, bias), systemic discrimination (historical inequities) and institutional policies that uphold racial inequities.

  • Develop and implement a plan to address policies and practice that inhibit equitable outcomes within county government and the Minnesota human services system as a whole.

  • Cultivate inclusive work environments and communities.

Participation Requirements

  • Open to MACSSA members, delegates, and other human services staff

  • Have some experience engaging (or desire to engage) in racial equity work

  • Willing to be fully present with self and with peers while attending program convenings

  • Pay it forward by sharing new insights gained with broader MACSSA membership

If you have any questions or need clarity, please contact Jen Mein, Equity Works Leadership Institute: MACSSA lead facilitator directly at herna939@umn.edu