Financial Access In Reach (FAIR) started as a partnership between a local non-profit Prepare + Prosper and Guaranty Bank. FAIR is designed to help financially underserved households (the unbanked and underbanked) by providing access to a new set of financial products that incorporate transaction, savings, and credit building. FSI staff serve as evaluation and learning partners on this project along with Stephanie Moulton, Associate Professor, Ohio State University. 


Test phase (Dec 2016-June 2017)

The evaluation team documented learning around product uptake, retention and usage for the first 50 test consumers.

Pilot phase (August 2017-June 2018)

The evaluation team will document learning around the integration of the FAIR product with 6 different distribution partners from the public and non-profit sectors.

Launch phase (July 2018-)

The evaluation team will assess factors that contribute to the success of the consumers and the distributors as the product expands to a statewide audience.

At present, the evaluation team has completed two rounds of data collection with a sample of the test consumers around their enrollment and post enrollment experiences as well as early product adoption and usage. This will help inform early iterations to the product and the strategy. Additionally, the team has conducted a baseline analysis of the test consumers’ prior banking experiences to understand how FAIR might help address the gaps as well as how it might influence their use of the FAIR product going forward. Another round of data collection will be completed to June to further understand product adoption and usage patterns of the customers.