New housing development

The Gage East project

Gage East is a permanent supportive housing project born out of the partnership between Center City Housing Corp (based in Duluth), Olmsted County Health and Human Services, Gage School (Rochester Public Schools) and other service delivery partners such as Family Services Rochester, Families First of Minnesota, Lutheran Social Services and Fernbrook Family Center among others. 

The project, which launched on September 1, 2016, provides supportive housing to chronically homeless and at risk youth and families.  Currently, there are about 120 residents living at Gage East.


What role does Future Services Institute play?

Future Services Institute (FSI) staff serve as the evaluators for this project, adopting a developmental evaluation approach grounded in outcomes mapping. Our approach captures the emerging ideas between various stakeholders and enables rapid cycle learning. We provide support to the program partners as they engage in learning about how to work effectively on a common project. 

FSI staff have taken a two-fold approach to this evaluation:

  1. Using a developmental evaluation approach to build a robust program model. This approach has enabled rapid cycle learning among the program partners and allowed them to brainstorm solutions to common operational problems that arise.
  2. Building a performance measurement system housed within the Continuous Improvement and Analysis Unit at Olmsted County to track resident outcomes going forward.

Very soon, FSI staff will complete the final round of data collection with residents and staff aimed at informing improvements to the program model. The building of the performance measurement system is also currently underway as evaluators work hand in hand with the program partners to understand and integrate their different reporting mechanisms.

FSI staff are also working on creating a video to tell the story of Gage East-how the youth and families experience living there and what it means for the staff and project leadership to deliver integrated services. The video will be available for viewing in July.